Making plan copies
  • I am having trouble getting an accurate photocopy of the plans for the Primus. Been to the two places in town and both a3 copy machines are getting it very close, but I am losing 1-2mm on the length of the a3 sheet. I tried to scan and print but again. Losing 1 mm on a4 tiled and tapped plans.

    Any suggestions? I wish I ordered a second set of plans in hindsight.
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  • If you can get your scan into a drawing/art package they often have the ability to alter the height and width of drawings independently by a percentage factor, so you could up the shortened dimension to something over 100% to correct it. That's what I've had to do with my printer. It takes a bit of playing about to get the correct perentage by trial and error, printing out and measuring the output, but it should be able to correct things.

    I'm sure I was once able to alter percentages at the print out stage with a printer I used to have, but can't with my current one so I have to change the actual drawing.
  • I am going to a printer later this week. Hopefully he can help. The copy drawings I have will work for the smaller wheels and parts. It is the 300mm diameter cogs that are the problem. I am tempted to use the original drawing that dave sent as a guide. The only problem with that is, what to do if I mess up the cut. I have started cutting the frame by measurements only .
  • Very unfortunate that both your local copy shops are not able to produce accurate copies, either they are using old machines or they are not quite in the know, modern day machines do pretty much everything apart from making coffee.
    If it would help I could send you the PDF data I use to print the plans, maybe your shops would have a bit more luck copying off digital media.
    If nothing works your end I can print you a second set and if you pay the postage I will send them off to you.
  • Hi Dave. I talked to the printer and he said it would be perfect if he had a PDF file. Could you email me the link?
  • Have just mailed you the PDF plans.
  • Thanks Dave. Local print press used the PDF file to make perfect copies. Now I can make lots of mistakes without worrying.
  • Hi Dave; I have made three models of the Primus a couple of Boyer's Simplicity. (all are scattered among my family across the northern states of the US.) I use a CAD package as well as the Vectric software. Printing to my HP OfficeJect Pro printer does not produce accurate prints, being typically under size and this caused me no end of trouble with my first attempts at the Primus. Since, for example, the centers between arbors is critical, I now use the software to measure such dimensions accurately and then mark up my prints accordingly.