• Hi,

    i´am a new member and await my first wooden clock decimus from David.....

    I want to paint the gears white.... is this a problem for the accuraccy of the clock?
  • I would strongly recommend that you have no paint or finish of any sort on any contacting moving parts. The movement just won't work. It's OK to put finish on the face of the wheels, but you must carefully mask off the tooth area and also the bearing surfaces.
  • Paul is absolutely right, getting paint/varnish on the cogs contacting surfaces will literally clog up the works.
    You can find a bit on finishing here :- Bare wood or sealed
  • Hi,

    ok, so i will only paint the frame-parts... like the original...
  • I don't know why I decided to defy all accepted wisdom about no finishes on the contact surfaces of wheel and pinion teeth, but from my first clock I have used cyano on all gear teeth. I use the thin/rapid-setting type. First the teeth must be finished to the required profile, then the cyano is applied to all faces of the teeth. Carefully. Because if you get it on the face of the wheel it will interfere with any clear or translucent finish, like varnishes, stains etc. The cyano penetrates the grain of the ply. After allowing a few minutes for it to cure, the faces of the teeth must be lightly sanded or filed smooth again.

    The result is a smooth and hardened face, and considerably strengthened teeth. The colour is also enhanced like a light application of varnish.
    I have a couple of clocks that have been running for two or three years with no sign of any wear or stickiness at all.