What to do when the pendulum doesn't gain momentum
  • What to do when you assembled your Quintus and the pendulum doesn't gain sufficient momentum to move the escapement gear forward:

    (1) Check that the pendulum magnet is swinging directly over the position of the coil. If you followed the instructions, you marked the spot of the coil with a pin prick so it should be easy to check this. If not, move the pendulum a little towards the front or back along the arbor.
    (2) Make sure the magnet is swinging closely over the surface of the stand. In my case a gap of 2-3mm (0.1") worked well. Unscrew the magnet a couple of turns if you need to. The closer the magnet gets to the surface, the closer it will get to the coil and the stronger the impulse it will receive.
    (3) Check for friction in the pendulum arbor: remove the battery, disengage the catch, and give the pendulum a push so it starts swinging. The pendulum should very, very gradually come to a halt. If not, check the arbor and ball bearings (see the ball bearings tutorial video) and try again.
    (4) Check the battery and electronic circuit. Reinsert the battery and, with the catch still disengaged, hold the pendulum still, right over the coil (the pin prick). Give the pendulum a very slight push. It should quickly gain momentum and come to a full swing. If not, replace the battery. If this still doesn't work, the problem may be a defective circuit.

    Reengage the catch and start the pendulum with a slight push; you should slowly see it gain momentum. If not, the cause is probably friction somewhere else in the clock. Check the arbors, gears and ball bearings.