Drive Arbour Assembly Question.
  • Hi. I am new to this type of thing and I am having a little trouble getting my head around what parts rotate around the drive arbour and which are fixed.
    I have scrolled out all the parts and made the clicks.
    I see the winding barrel should be fixed to the brass arbour with a grub screw.
    But what about the other spacers and gears? How do they move in relation to one another? Should the spacers and click gear be glued to the winding barrel? Or should each part rotate . There is an interference fit with all parts so far as both the arbour and all the center holes are 6mm.

    Regards. Kenny.
  • Think of the clicks and click wheel as a form of one way clutch, as long as the weight is falling the clicks which are connected to the drive cog will be pushed by the click wheel connected to the winding barrel and as long as the weight keeps falling there is no need to break this contact.

    But as the drive weight fall length is not infinite it will need to be lifted just before it hits the floor, now this is when the clicks come into there own, as soon as you start to wind the clock then the clicks are no longer held by the click wheel allowing the barrel to be turned in the "wrong" direction.

    The winding barrel is connected to the arbor, but the drive cog is not glued/connected either to the barrel or the arbor except through the engaged clicks.

    A bit long winded but just thread the cog/clicks on the arbor, then the winding barrel, turn the barrel anti-clockwise and see the clicks engage, clockwise and they no longer can engage and just "click" over the click wheel, and all will become apparent.

  • Ahhh. the penny has dropped. So the drive weights energy is transferred to the drive cog through the 2mm thick click timbers .. So looking at the drawing the small click wheel (3) is fixed to the winding barrel with glue but not the drive cog (3). And the drive cog center must rotate freely . So I must open the hole on the drive wheel out by .1 maybe?
    Sorry for all the questions. I have spent quite a bit of time manufacturing my parts so far and don't want to scrap them.
  • The drive cog does not need to be "frictionless" as it only turns on the arbor when the clock is being wound, so a couple of Nm more or less when winding are just not important, do not loosen it too much or it will start to wobble on the arbor.
  • Thanks so much Dave. Got my head around it now. Also went with your source for plywood as you can see. Fantastic quality which I have never seen before .