Gear cutting, tool size?
  • Hi, I am new to CNC and was wondering what is the best tool size to use to get a good cut on the gears? If using a cut outside toolpath I assume you add the tool diameter as an offset? Any help or advice welcome, and gretings for New Zealand.
  • I use 4 cutter sizes.

    Ø 6mm/ Collet 6mm

    Ø 1.6mm
    Ø 2mm
    Ø 3.175mm/ all with collet 1/8"

    The 3.175mm is actually 1/8" , so the same diameter as the the collet, this allows me to cut deeper than the flutes length, which is why I use it for frames.

    1.6mm I only use on clocks with 2mm pinion pins,the hole is then 1.9 mm which means a tight fit.

    2mm is the universal cutter and I use it for everything else.

    The 6mm I use for on the Quintus and Decimus bases.

    For instance this is the 2mm cutter I use :- Ø 2mm Cutter

    Your cutting path programme allows you to define where the tool should cut in relation to the line, outside, inside or on.