Escapement scrolling beginners question
  • I have made it to the last of the large gears on my Primus project and have cut the escapement wheel out. I have noticed that if I stick to the drawing, I am leaving a very sharp edge on the leading edge of each tooth. The plywood is not reacting well and some plys look ragged. Should I form a small flat on each edge?
  • Your escapement wheel will work best if it is totally round, one of the best methods to do this is using a disc sander.
    The photo shows a mock-up, but it gives an idea of the set-up. Move the cog/wheel towards the disc so it just catches then turn the cog on its fulcrum, keep advancing the cog until all teeth have made contact.
    This will ensure you wheel is totally round as well as tidying up the tips.
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  • Thanks. Great method. Worked a treat