Spring Clamps
  • I love the tapered nose clamps Dave is using and have never seen an equal in the US.
    Anyone know of a source for similar needle nose claps such as Dave's?
    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.34.41 AM.png
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  • Take a look at this http://tinyurl.com/gvm9cvc I have sets of the G0571286 & G1051181 clamps that I use regularly - they work fine.

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    Thanks Jeff!
  • YES great call Jeff. Zoro was good to go on supply the needle nose and other clamps.
    Thanks for chiming in!
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  • Thanks for the nice words Mark. Be sure to get at least one pair of the small size needle nose clamps. They are perfect for all those cases where a part is glued to the hub of a cog.

    PS - I see from the Zenoah box that you are in the hobby that I just exited. I miss flying a little but building clocks seems to fill the void. I just started my 8th, a Sextus. All the kits or plans were from David except one and that was a mistake.
  • How coincidental Jeff! The reason I building a Sextus is I too have stepped away from RC Aircraft fr awhile. (again)
    Great hobby too but every 5-8 years I find I need a break. (Ben doing it since 1975). Here is a pic of my last bird- a 92"w.s Laser 200 w/ DA 85 cc. & 26" prop. You may have seen them, as I was also partner in laying up and painting the Mega Pilots.
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