Primus Pendulum
  • I have built and assembled the Primus and the wheels appear to turn ok.
    I can blow the escapement wheel and all of the wheels turn. My problem starts when I attach the pendulum, I get a few ticks and then the pendulum stalls. I have checked the arbour and it appears OK, the pendulum sings free of the case, i used lead shot of the appropriate weight and the point of the hook sits in the groove.
    Am i missing something?
  • I built a primus and used pendulum hanger design from the Terius. Had the same problem and found out the swing was restricted due to holes being too deep for the two pins. Same thing could be true for a v groove maybe ?
  • The pendulum hook for the Primus works as is, and although George used a different hanging method for his that was more choice than necessity.
    Please take a good look at the elusive tick video
    Elusive Tick
    It specifically handles the Primus, if you follow all stages and pay attention to how long the wheels turn after blowing on the escape wheel, how easily the pendulum swings etc. you should have no problems.
    Also check that the orientation of anchor/escapement wheel are correct.
    In order to help further I would need to see a video of it stalling, nothing fancy, either by e-mail or a you tube link.
  • When I made my Primus, I cut quite a deep "V" in the dowl for the hook to hang and swing in, It was too deep and affected the swing. I cut a second minimum depth "V" and this worked just fine.
    Worth a look see?
  • Dave, I'll be working on the clock over the week end and if I am still having problems I'll post a video.

    Chriskendal...I had previously looked at the groove and thought it may be too deep so I flattened it out so there was no contact with the walls of the V.

    I think the anchor may be slipping on the arbour so I will try and put a grub screw in the spacer. Without the anchor in place even a small weight causes all of the wheels to turn so I think the problem is at the top end.