Sextus -Minute Arbor
  • Full disclosure would be that this is my first clock build. (Chers!)
    That said, humbly I ask my next potentially stupid question.

    Does the Sextus spacers #7&8E glue to the cog 9B? The instruction just is not clear to me.
    "...sand smooth / remove squeezed out glue before you glue everything together. The whole should turn relativity easily on the arbor..."

  • It appears this same question has been asked before on a different clock model; "Help on Septimus Build - Minute Arbor".
    From that Septimus Build discussion:

    petec September 23
    They are all glued together.

    AdamR September 23
    I had to think about this one for a minute when I built mine. They are all glued together.

    The pinion drives the cog at all times. Independent of this, when you set the time by moving the hands, the arbor slips within the whole assembly.

    Cheers and thanks guys!
  • So lets do this long hand :-)

    The pinions (6C+6C) should first be glued together as there will be a certain amount of squeezed out glue, this can be removed easier when the pinions are not glued onto the rest.

    Now glue the pinions to the spacer 7E then spacer 8E to spacer 7E then finally glue cog 9B to spacer 8E.
    On the top of page 25 in the instructions the photo shows all five parts glued together with the clamps in place.

    In order to adjust the hands the minute arbor (axle) needs to turn independently of the gear train, this is the reason why the parts that have been glued together should be able to turn relatively easy on the arbor.

    The clutch provides the necessary friction to turn the arbor which turns the hands.

    Everything will be become a lot clearer once your Sextus is up and running.

    Has anyone else had problem with the minute arbor instructions ?
  • Thank you Dave for spelling it out for me.

    With this Sextus being my very first clock build, you might need to prepare for more questions of this caliber!
    (Hope not! Ha ha!)