Food for thought, and the rebirth of an ancient movement
  • I've seen 1 example of a wooden remontoire movement from 2011 on YouTube. It's a beautiful rewind mechanism spring driven to keep a clock running (although on YouTube it's incorrectly spelled "Remonter". Has anyone attempted to revive this in wood? Could this be in the future for woodentimes (I would hope :)
  • I believe this to be the link;
  • You are of course right a remontoire is a thing of beauty and just fascinating to watch, and one of the reasons why we build skeleton clocks is to watch it work.
    As far as I am informed it was largely developed for tower clocks to divorce the escapement from the gear train, one of the big problems with tower clocks is the fact that the hands are large and external, and on a windy day the wind can push/pull on the hands adding/subtracting force into/from the gear train, which of course would effect the accuracy.
    On a weight driven wall clock there is really no need for one, but I have always been a bit wary of drive springs ( I mean how can a drop weight cease to function or lose drive force over time) which is the ideal situation for a remontoire.
    There are so many wonderfully visual methods of measuring time to which the remontoire is up there with the best of them.
    As to whether you will see one at Woodentimes?
    Lets wait and see :-)