Bessel Matirial
  • I don't have access to a workshop or even a Pillar Drill although I am a Carpenter with engineering knowledge, my question is can I make the Bessel's from MDF, this would be easier for me with the small Router that I own but I worry that MDF wouldn't have the structural strength needed to support the drive weights,
    Regards, Rupert.
  • I too am a woodworker by trade and use MDF frequently. I would be very wary of the integrity of MDF for anything less than backer for a laminate. Screws and the like pull out very easily from MDF as I'm sure you know.
  • Thanks for the reply, I'm not too worried about screw integrity in the Bezels, one could even bolt the components, I'm worried that the whole kit and caboodle will distort under the weight of the 2 kg drive weight which could cause the arbors to bind. I may just get some one to make them out of hard wood or maybe I could get access to a workshop,
    regards Rupert.
  • Agreed. Even slight deflection in the frame could cause clamping on the Arbors causing the clock to not run or stop frequently. There's enough tinkering involved with a new clock to get it run run on its own, let alone adding the additional variable of frame sag from material choices. I would personally try to avoid the potential issues if possible.
  • Thanks Chris, you have persuaded me to take the hardwood rout,
    regards Rupert.
  • Anytime my fellow horologist ;)