• David
    My Octavus is been put together now very happy with the kit.
    I have assembled the whole clock now and followed the assembly instructions to the letter or more importanly the 44mm distance from the inside of the frame to the base of the teeth on the Crown wheel.
    My problem is that the Pallets are no where near the teeth on the crown wheel even when ajusted
    If I adjust the pallets 90' to the Rod holder the tips nearly reach the crown wheel teeth since the rod holders potion is pre determined as is the crown wheels 44mm any help would be greatly appreciated

    320 x 240 - 32K
    320 x 240 - 33K
    320 x 240 - 32K
    320 x 240 - 38K
  • Thanks for the pictures, always a big help.
    Having taken a closer look your pallets are able to engage with the crown wheel, the angle between the pallets just needs to be acuter, eg. instead of the 90 Deg. you have now reduce it to 60 Deg.
    Just keep adjusting/pulling together until they engage, I am pretty certain that is the problem.
  • Thank you David
    getting closer now. The lower rod on the rod holder swings around quite a lot making the movement very jerky is this normal? should there be a bearing or bushing in the base.
  • Dave
    Is it possible that I have the base upside down!!!!! I have the large hole on the top with the small one that goes all the way through on the bottom can not find answer in the bible of clock building
  • OK Dave I have re read the bible and page 13 tells me how to do it right and low and behold I have a working alarm clock!!!!
    Fantastic just got do the finishing now and I will send some more pictures
  • Glad to read that you got it sorted, I really like the Octavus but it is my worst seller, I love to cook, and it just seemed natural to combine 2 of my passions in one. But combining a largely female activity with a very male orientated hobby, what was I thinking!!!
  • Dave, I have no explanation why this beautiful timer would not sell better. I don't think cooking is female oriented as I know just as many men that enjoy cooking (including me) as I do women. That being said, I love the Octavus I built previously, and was happy to give it as a gift (to my Wife's parents). You will be selling another shortly, as I want one for my own home. I need to finish my Nonus and Quintus first.