Glued frame backwards
  • I glued the top rear frame backwards, I just discovered this when trying to insert the bearings and relized it was backwards. Any advice? Should I keep the bearings backwards and when I cut the 04mm//125mm(5) just cut a little longer to compensate for bearings being in the rear? Or drill a new recessed hole for the bearing in the "new" front portion on the top back frame. Or somehow unglue my mistake? I thought I looked over carefully when glueing! Won't make the mistake again!
  • I had to remove a scratchy bearing once but used Araldite and so softened with heat to brass rod throught the bearing to loosen. If pva was used i think alcohol/meths may work as solvent but would test on scrap first as never tried myself.
  • The recess holes for the bearings do not actually need to be 100% accurate, so I would just drill new holes on the front.
    As you are missing material in the centre to help centre the drill, just drill the hole in a small scrap of wood and clamp this over the position you want the hole, now you have a guide for the drill plus you can adjust until you are pretty much dead centre.