Novice seeking advice on staining
  • Hello,

    I am preparing to stain the frame members of my Sextus and would appreciate any advice that this forum has to give on the subject. The frame is composed of cut plywood and I am planning for a dark brown tint with the grain showing through.

    Do I need to seal the wood first? Or should I use a "stain sealer" after the stain has been applied? What about varnish?

    Also, how much sanding do you recommend to get a nice finish? Do I sand between the clear coats and the stain coats? or just one or the other?

    I'm most worried about the edges of the material as I assume these will be much more porous than the flat surfaces. Should I do anything differently for the edges? Or just treat the whole piece the same?

    I am also researching "how to stain plywood" via Google/YouTube and finding lots of advice there, but I thought I would try here as well in case there is any advice specific to the clocks or if people have had good/bad experiences with different (US available) brands. I would also be very happy to read any specific articles about this subject if you have a recommendation for a good source.

    Note: I do plan to follow Dave's advice and not finish any of the moving parts... just the frame.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.