Arbor for the pallet fulcrum
  • I have a question about the arbor for the pallet fulcrum on the pendula. The arbor is completely loose in the holes on the pendulum connector (part 31A) and the disc (part 28B). The holes are so wide that the 3 mm arbor will easily fall out. Should the arbor be glued (with epoxy) to either the pendulum connector or the disc? On page 40 of the instructions it says that "the arbor will protrude slightly, because this will enable you to remove it in case you need to work on the pallets." This suggests that the arbor should NOT be glued, because how would I then be able to remove it? But how will I stop it from gradually falling out?
  • I think I can safely say that the holes are the correct size, slightly smaller than 3mm.
    There should be 2 pieces of brass rod in the hardware bag, one is 2mm the other is 3mm, could it be that you are using the 2mm rod?
    Or if that is not the case maybe the wrong hole?
  • Thank you for your quick reply!
    I am definitely using the 3mm rod (the 2mm rod has already been used for the winding key pin in the drive arbor). And the holes on the edge of parts 30A, 31A and 28B (both) are definitely slightly larger than 3mm. The only hole in this assembly that is slightly smaller than 3mm is the hole on the edge of part 29E (but of course the 3mm rod won't pass through that hole). In other words: That hole in 29E is the size which the holes on the edge of 30A, 31A and 28B should have been.
  • Whoops, my bad, that was definitely the wrong answer, but in my defense I do have 12 clocks and an increasingly bad memory.
    The holes are actually 3.1mm, originally they were 3mm but if the holes were not 100% aligned it was very difficult to insert/remove the pins.
    In the normal run of things the pins will not fall out, even with the constant movement.
    If you are not convinced then just apply a thin film of wood glue to the walls of the front hole (use toothpick or similar) let it dry and I think you will find that the pin is held securely, if not, just repeat.
  • Thank you! That did the trick!