Weather causes problems
  • I built my Septimus clock in the summer and it has run perfectly for a couple of months or so. But now it is getting cold and damp the clock keeps stopping. My clock has a hard life - it lives outside in my workshop and I cant find the problem! Is damp likely to make the teeth swell so that there is just a little too much friction perhaps. And if I sand down the gears and pinons a little more will this give me similar problems when the weather improves? Thanks for any suggestions
  • The ply I use is pretty much impervious to moisture, you could actually throw a bucket of water over them and you would hardly see any difference once they had dried off, I know this because I have tried it!

    Totally different situation is with the beech backplate, that will have a tendency to warp if the humidity increases, this can be strong enough to cause some of the arbors to clamp in their holes.

    Did you seal back and front of the backplate? That can help to reduce the effect.

    Another thing is that it could just be an increase in friction generally, quite often my clocks run fine and then after a month or 2 they develop problems, I just take them apart smooth the arbors and clean the bushings/bearings again and that always helps.
  • Interesting. My clock was running fine with no problems. Over the last couple of days the temperature has climbed to the mid 30's (its done that before) but this time the humidity has been 100%. And gues what, my clock stopped. Fiddled about but it wouldn't run for long. A couple of minutes at the most. Then I noticed that when I switched on the aircon and dropped the temp to 28 and the humidity drops as the aircon removes the moisture it all works perfect again.