Quartus accuracy
  • I've recently completed building my Quartus clock. Following the plans as close as I could and setting the pendulum
    bob length as in the instructions, I found it to run 10 minutes fast per 24 hours. I thought this was pretty good, for initial settings. After increasing the bob length on the brass rod by 0.4", the clock now runs about 30 seconds fast over 33 hours! That's only one measurement, but I'll track it over several days/weeks to see how it drifts.

    Has anyone else checked the accuracy of their Quartus clocks over time?

  • mine is the least accurate of all of daves clocks. it can be off several minutes in a day some days. sometimes its s nice and accurate. the quintus seems the most accurate I have two one is a god that needs delivery. the primus does not do too bad and the sextus is doing pretty good for only a week and a half old.