Where has Decimus gone?
  • Hi there.
    I haven't been around for some time, but I noticed that the Decimus has disappeared from the web site.
    Does anybody know why.
    I've had my Decimus for a couple of years, and without doubt it is the most accurate wooden clock I have.



  • the drives were bad. the last two clock kits I got had bad drives. dave sent me three that were the best of the lot. out of the three one worked for the Decimus the other two would not. they seemed fine on the quintus. but the drive would be erratic I would come out in the morning and the clock was showing 12:30 sometimes it would not swing the pendulum enough Now I hope he can come up with a solution so the clock will run. my wife fell into it and broke the main shaft but if I can't get a drive not sure what Iwill do with it.
  • Thanks for that. Not entirely sure what you mean by the drive. I had to replace the power supply on mine after a year or so, but it's been fine now for several months.
  • My quintus sometimes has same problem with pulse drive. Without sounding like an IT guy try turning it off and on again. Works for me.
  • I wish the would fix it. but the bad drives won't even swing the pendulum. thats why dave took them off the site. I hope he brings them back they are great clocks and much less fiddly.