• For those like me who are not very good on a scroll saw i can recommend buying a cheap band/disc sander. Remove backing plate on band sander, cut rough v`s into teeth on scroll saw. With slight pressure you can go down to line between teeth and drag along to line and can make perfect cut rounding along line. Do one side first and turn sander to do do other side of teeth next, Dont push hard or will give a round edge through bending sanding belt. Usually come in medium grade but i use fine and even at that can be pretty ferocious. Paired with PTFE rod i bought to use as slugs and drilled for arbors it passed blow test without any fine sanding.
    Hope this helps fellow duffers like me.
  • Hi George.

    Good tip. I find that cutting gears is easier on a bandsaw than a scroll saw. I use a fine blade 5-8mm wide and 8-10 tpi. With a strong light you can get very close to the lines. I also use a filing technique on the bandsaw by pulling the piece towards me at about 45 degrees to the blade. this gives a very accurate result, almost ready to use.