More friction reducing thoughts - sand those wheels and pinions
  • The first time I made a wood clock, I could not keep it running. To make a long story short, I removed every wheel and pinion and gave the contact surfaces a good sanding. One flick of the pendulum and it was off and never stopped.

    I used a split mandrel to hold a small strip of 240 grit sandpaper in a Dremel tool. I have also held the mandrel in my little Sherline lathe. The RPM doesn't have to be too fast. I suspect that a hand drill would be fine too if you can set it up so the mandrel is horizontal is pointing up. A drill press won't work because the sandpaper slides out of the slot. I spent no more than about 10 seconds per tooth. That's all it takes to get it silky smooth. I like the lathe best because you hold the workpiece, not the tool and I find that gives me a bit more control.

    The mandrels are dirt cheap - you can buy a pack of 10 ( I haven't worn out one so I don't know what you could possibly do with the other 9) on Amazon for less than $5.00

  • This worked very well on my Nonus, good tip!