Final Adjustments Help Requested
  • Hi Dave,
    Firstly, let me say I love my Sextus, but as an absolute novice I need some advice/help.

    At this point, I have built the clock, and it is running. Using about 3.4 Kg it is gaining about 4 mins per day. So I think that I can slow it down by using less weight.

    When I tested the pendular, the Right swung for 2 min plus, the Left for about 1 min 10 secs or so. I haven't been able to identify why one side is so different from the other. Any clues?

    When the clock is running, the Rt pendulum hits the frame intermittently. Investigation indicates that there is a very slight misalignment of the pendulum connectors. I have tried bring the counterbalance weights in towards the centre and this works - sometimes. The intermittent knocking can drive you crazy so any suggestions to correct this would be very welcome.

    When the clock is running there is a very slight 'knock' which I think comes from the escapement pinion as it engages with the intermediate cog. Is this normal?

    This has been a great project for me - a bit of over-reach actually, but I am almost there and with your help in tweaking I am looking forward to mounting the Sextus on a wall in a prominent place in my home.

    Thanks and Best regards
  • The main thing is that your clock is ticking and as you said yourself everything else is just a question of tweaking.
    The knocking pendulum could be caused by the increased drive force coming from your too heavy drive weight, I do suggest 2.7 but mine runs on 2.4, but do not stress too much about reducing the weight.
    The counter weights only purpose is to keep the Pendula plumb when not moving and the reason for that is solely aesthetics, so you could totally remove them if the knocking continues.
    The intermediate cog presses continuously against the pinion, so as long as the clock is running it can never disengage so consequently re-engage, so the problem is almost certainly to be found elsewhere.
  • Thanks Dave,
    I revisited the weight issue and am incrementally adding grams from a low start point.
    As a consequence, the pendula knocking on the frame eased off with the reduced weight - as you implied.
    Question about the pendular arbors: Do the pendular rest on the arbors, or are they fixed at the end of each one?
    Can the clutch be tightened?

    Thanks for your patience,
  • Hi Dave,
    I am excited. Sextus is up and running well, Weight is about 2.6 kg, accuracy about =/- 2mins/ day. Have mounted it very securely on my wall - see pic, and am now at a loss as to what to do next. Very happy. My learnings? Read the instructions and watch the videos very carefully.
    Regards and thanks

    665 x 1182 - 122K