More friction reducing thoughts 2 - change location of bearings
  • When you mix bearings, which are machined to a very tight tolerance, with wood that moves seasonally, and frames that may sag, binding is going to give you no end of grief.

    On my Sextus, on the intermediate arbor, there is a bearing at each end of the arbor and getting everything perfectly aligned, and keep it that way, can be a challenge. Any slight angular difference will stop things dead. Also, since that arbor is the third arbor downstream from the drive arbor, it is very important to get this friction / binding out of the equation. As you know, the farther you get from the drive arbor, the more this friction is multiplied.

    I re-drilled the wheel and pinion assembly to about .002" smaller than my .250" O.D. bearings and press fit the bearings into the wheel/pinion assembly while keeping them aligned with a piece of arbor material. Now, any misalignment of the frame pieces or sag is almost irrelevant because the arbor doesn't have to turn; instead, the wheel / pinion assembly turns on the arbor.

    Huge improvement IMHO.

    I did something similar with the pendula. Same effect. Huge improvement; friction and binding are now gone completely.