adding a bearing to the pendulum
  • I've made a new head piece for the Primus pendulum and added a bearing to it. This eliminates the need to cut a perfect groove in the 8mm brass rod. I don't possess the proper tools or the skill to cut this groove with the precision that it requires for the pendulum to ride correctly. The bearing is 8x14x4mm and slides onto the 8mm shaft. This allows the pendulum to be removed easily. In my case the pendulum swings more freely and with more precision with the bearing than with the groove. I can now stop the clock without dislodging or altering the position of the pendulum on the shaft.
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • The bearing is a very good idea and a few of my subsequent clocks do use bearings on the pendulum.
    Primus was the first clock I offered on Woodentimes and at the time I really did think there was no alternative to a knife edge or leaf spring for hanging the pendulum.
    With some of my designs it would have been very hard to stick with tradition hanging methods and although I have not made any direct comparisons I do get the feeling that a pendulum bearing does not slow the pendulum in any significant way.
    I am actually working on a Primus kit at the moment (after a lot of enquiries about same) and I will certainly be replacing the knife edge with a ball bearing.
    So good job :-)