• I want to start cut the Primus cogs with the CNC, what is the bit recomended, I believe 3mm will be fine but any advice before star will be helpfull.
    Thank You
  • The Primus has the biggest teeth of all my clocks, so it is no problem to cut them with a 3 mm bit, the only thing to watch out for is the 3 pins that go in the daisy wheel pin wheel, they also have 3 mm, I cut the cogs with a 2 mm bit, so I can cut the holes 2,9 mm, which means the pins can just be hammered in, but of course you can either use 1/8" brass rod and cut the holes smaller with the 3 mm cutter or just glue in the 3 mm pins, of course no problem, but I did want to mention it.

  • Tks Dave, I will follow your advice, I will cut the cogs with 3mm bit, so I can go faster and cut the Daysy weel with 2mm bit, I just see the first Cog is to big for my CNC, (just a half inch bigger) so this I will cut with the scroll saw, wish me look.
  • A 1/2 inch is not a lot, most CNC routers beds are bigger than the cutting lengths, maybe you could leave the ply big enough for the cog and cut as much as possible with the router, then use your scroll saw to cut the rest?

  • A technique I have used when the part to too big for the cnc bed is to split the part up into sections that do fit the bed, machine and then glue together.
    I have used angled splits and used jigsaw type lugs with success.

  • Thanks for the advise everyone.
    Dave, yes, this will work, have space enought for the full cog, but for not to touch the screw limit, I will make the machine jump (ignore) the part of the cog in one side then cut with the scroll-saw only a few dents remainings.