Machine Park?
  • I thought I would start of this new category with something I found on the internet, one question I often get asked, is what tools are needed/do I need a big workshop?
    Well I think Edward´s photo answers this better than anything I could write.


    And yes that is a Sextus!

    You can find his building experience here:-

    Sextus living room build

    375 x 500 - 66K
  • Interesting read - I was, initially, dismayed when I got my Septimus to find the instructions said I needed a drill press and a vice. I don't even have a garage or a shed, let alone a drill press to put into one. But I still managed to successfully build it without either - though I had to use a friends shed (and vice) to cut the brass bobs for the pendulum and pins. Otherwise, it was entirely built on my kitchen table.
  • I built the sextus without a vice, drill or workshop. I had a set of sprung loaded clamps to hold the components together when gluing. I just held the brass rods in my hand and cut them with a hacksaw then used files and sandpaper to rub them down and smooth them. My clock can keep perfect time for days on end now. My only problem is winding the clock. The string has to be wound at the back of the clock, and i have stopped using the winder as it moves the frame about to much.