Wooden Weight Shell
  • Andrew Sever has provided a nifty method of making wooden weight shells, which he also used to good effect with his Septimus.


    Click on the icon below to download the PDF

    Wooden Weigth Shell
  • Hi Dave

    That wooden weight shell looks just the ticket but it appears the PDF hasn't attached to the link properly. Would really like to see how Andrew made this.


  • @Mark
    I have attached the PDF using a different method, let me know if that works.

  • Got it thanks Dave, it all becomes clear now, the angle of the grain in the photo above made me think it was a herringbone design, hmmm, now there's an idea !

  • Andrew, thanks for making this available.

  • You are more then welcome Mark. I completely agree herringbone would look awesome!

    The lathe is a tool that I have only just started to learn (the finger nail gouge I have loves to grab and ruin pieces in a blink of an eye). I have seen some bowls and vases with amazing designs incorporated into them. Seems to me that they would be be a natural fit to Dave's amazing designs.

    Good Luck!
  • Hi all, I am a wood turning trying to get into clock building. So using a hollow weight (filled with sand or BB's) seems like a natural idea and adds to the beauty of the overall product. for beginners on the wood lathe you can do it the easy way and hollow using a large spade bit in the tailstock chuck, just keep the lathe speed and feed rate low.