3mm Couplings

  • Just wondering if anyone has a link on where to source the 3mm couplings from (I'm in the UK), i cant seem to find them anywhere - just want to get another set and to keep a couple spare.

  • Dave sells them - I think I saw them in the Tertius listing but they may be elsewhere as well. Failing that, you can get hexagonal ones from some model makers. Here's a link to one place I found: http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/couplings-modular.html
    The ones Dave sells are nicer as they are round.
  • Thanks Petec - I have ordered via Dave, thanks for the link.

    I have some from the cornwall site, sadly they are quite large. Really pleased to have ordered the round ones :)

  • Thanks for letting us know about the ones from the cornwall site being large. I haven't ordered any from there and it sounds like I won't be!

  • I tried hard to source round 3mm brass couplings in the UK and have not been successful, found one source of round 4mm couplings that are slightly larger than the ones Dave supplies.