Anyone building one yet?
  • As the subject says - I think this may be thge clock for my living room - but it's a lot more expensive than the Septimus and the increased power makes me think I'll need to take a bit more care in constructing it and getting the 'trim' right. Interested to hear anyone elses experiences of building it.
  • I just finished putting the clock together and am now sorting though the process to get the clock to run smoothly. I don't really have anything to compare this to, but seemed like a fairly manageable process.
  • I have completed mine but am at my wits end trying to get it to go.
  • Hello all

    I have assembled all components and I am about to start the final assembly of my Nonus 8 day.

    I will keep you posted.


  • It took a few attempts but my nonus seems to be working.

    I had several issues after assembly mostly friction related but also one of the cog sets was not properly aligned so it jammed at one point on each rotation.

    I'm now adjusting the pendulum for accuracy.

    Pictures to follow.
  • Unfortunately stopped after 18 hours, a couple of tweaks and it's back running, fingers crossed...