Pictures of parts
  • Hi! I have the DXF files and have figured out most of the parts however I am confused as to what the 3mm coupling and 3mm endstops look like. I have read the instructions and have not seen a clear view of them. Does anyone have an image so I know what to order?

  • Hi Kelvin

    You can order the couplings from Dave. They are shown here:

    If the end stops are the ring stops mentioned in the instructions, then they are just 3mm collars with grub screws. I've bought some here:

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks Pete that is exactly what I was looking for. I don't suppose anyone has a measured drawing of both? I have a lathe and can machine them myself.
  • Hi Kelvin.

    I've roughly measured (with a ruler as that's as accurate as I ever get!) one of the collars and it is about 7mm diameter with presumably a just over 3mm hole through it as my 3mm rod passes through easily. It is about 5mm deep or maybe a bit more as the grub screws have a 3mm M3 thread.

    The main body of the couplings must be similar and then they have the splined extension to go into the hole which was a tight fit on my Septimus, so should be possible to work out its diameter from the size of the hole in the plans.

    Can't be any more specific than that.