• Hi all

    Had my Tertius running a good few months now and have got it to keep good time but not without many false starts and stops. Most of my problems were obvious after discovering them but that's not always easy even with good instructions from David and helpful emails. After studying how grasshopper works and how it can alter time (up to an hour a day i found) its better to forget about measuring angles and such and play around with it for a while. Its fun and frustrating at same time but a great feeling coming down stairs in the morning to find it ticking away no matter what time it says.
    Glad to help anyone along the way and no expert here but must be similar folk out there like me without Davids experience who have buggered about and found a few tricks that help to keep the clock running on time not mentioned in the good book.


  • Thinking about halving wind time by running a type of gun tackle pulley of sorts on my tertius - can anyone foresee any probs? obviously will double weight to accommodate. The wasp squadron have failed as only seen interested in making cone shaped weight shells in eaves of my loft, they don't seem able to follow a simple plan
  • Not really sure what you mean, or lets put it this way why would you want to half the winding time? Or are you looking to double the run time?

    By the way, I have been nicotine clean for the last 2 months, from 40 to 0, bye bye weed!

  • Sorry not clear on last comment. Due to decorating had to move clock to mothers and as she likes it so much its hard to get back of her. At nearly 91 years of age its a bit much for her to wind and as i see her every 3 or 4 days or so it could be kept running till next visit so what i did mean was to double the run time by doing a second loop on weight string. What method did you use to stop Dave? i used will power last time and that lasted me 10 weeks till it ran out.
  • I can think of no reason why you should not add a pulley and increase the run time, please keep us informed how you get on.

    As to the weed, I had some homeopathic injections, which basically got rid of the cold turkey, but stilled required will power, luckily at the moment I have as good as no contact to smokers, which makes it all a lot easier.

  • Don`t see any problems myself with doubling drop time as did same with an earlier weight driven clock, just wondered if anyone had tried with Tertious?
    As i said reason was due to sporadic visits to mothers and hoping to catch it before weights landed.
    I have had another idea and at this point all you purists may not want to read any further or at least get a ciggy ready before telling me to buy a digital watch.
    My thoughts were (and only thoughts at this moment) to strip down a rechargeable screwdriver to its basic components in order to drive wind mechanism from back via an extended shaft. My back frame is solid and could hide pretty well as not much size in motor. It would be housed tastefully of course in cherry wood tube
  • Powered winding sounds like an interesting challenge to me. You might get some inspiration from this:

    or maybe from this:

    Do let us know if you try doing something.
  • Have tried with electric screwdriver with attachment to fit wind arbor and realised that constant force on it will stop force of ratchet mechanism and cause clock to stop. As you wind conventionally its at about 180 degrees every second with a pause between keeping pressure going so idea wont work that way. I first looked at a discreet pressure switch at base for weight to make contact and a limit switch at top to start and stop then thought about timers. A timer i found ideal and less than £10.00 could be programmed to start every 2 days and within program could be actuated with 1 second bursts.That sounds fine unless clock were to stop so again a limit switch would be needed. Have decided best thing is to visit mother more often.
    Thanks for great clips ptec
  • Having some pages printed of Tertius from pdf as may remake a few bits again. Can anyone give me true dimensions i.e a mesurement from original plans to determine % error of printer. (longer the better)

  • @George

    Use this calibration sheet to test your printer, although if you have a "modern" A3 printer it should print to scale, not like back in the day when they were notoriously inaccurate, but better to be safe than sorry.

    A3 calibration sheet.pdf