Frame brass spacers lenght
  • Hello,
    I started to assembly the frame for the clock, I cut the spacers at 70mm however, the measure distance between the front and back frame is 54-55mm (page 13) instead of the 51mm.
    Checked the holes in both frames and the spacer go in fine, 15mm at the back and 3mm at the front frame. Should I cut the spacers 3-4 mm more to make it 51 mm ?
    "Measure twice and cut once"
  • There is a German expression that roughly translated says, I have cut something off twice and it is still too short :-) so always better to check before you start chopping.

    70-18=52 mm

    So basically the frame is about 1mm wider, it is actually not so important that the frame distance be exactly 51mm but the arbors that are clamped in the frame such as the escapement wheel would have too much play if the frame was too wide, and if the width was too great the arbors would just fall out.

    So you have the option of either trimming the spacers or adding 1 or 2 mm to the arbor length.

    Hope that makes sense.


  • I found the spacers one of the hardest things to do on mine. Mostly because, (a) I didn't have a drill press and had to insert them by hand and (b) because I'd varnished the frame - this, especially on the front '7' really caused problems and took a long time to smooth out the holes to insert the spacers sufficiently. Also - have you screwed the frame tightly together yet?