Suggestions for bench-top belt/disc sander & buffer?
  • Hello all,
    I am stuck with my shop in storage for another 9 months or so, and regretfully have caught the clock bug. I'm considering picking up a set of small base tools to see me through, especially as my main tools are too large for the fine work of clock making.

    I have a small drill-press, but it seems a small sander (belt/disc/combo?), a small buffer and perhaps a small bandsaw would see me through. I can certainly do without as I stay with the kits, but if I begin to tinker on my own, I'll likely be happier with.

    Dave's drill-press was quite appealing. Does anyone have any other suggestions on models and/or sizes that they find useful? Feel free to redirect me if you believe my priorities are off.

    Thanks again,
    russg / US