Sextus solid timber or ply??
  • I have just received the plans for the sextus, nice clock.
    I am going to build the clock from solid timber .
    Will the extra weight of the gears ,although it should be small be an issue?
    Also I am making the gears slightly thicker at 6.5mm will this cause any issue?
  • That should present no problems whatsoever, the ply I use is pretty dense/heavy, so using solid wood even if it is thicker will hardly bring a weight increase. And even so you would have to increase the weight by a big amount to even make a noticeable difference.


  • Hi Dave, the sextus is coming along nicely( a lot of work!!!)).
    Just a quick question can I use lead in the pendulum bobs or does it need to be a certain weight
  • A lot of work? I bet, but then you did not exactly choose the easiest path :-)

    As you know, in the kit the bob weights are big washers and they have a weight of 35g. And I would imagine this would be the weight you also require, but (is there not always a but) I can only say that the 35g works with a similar wood density/weight as the plywood I use, on one Sextus I built, I used cherry for the pendula and stuck to the plywood thickness, and it worked a treat with the 35g.
  • Thanks for your quick response.
    I will try the lead and see how it goes.