Any Decimus advice from those who have built one?
  • I'm waiting on my hardware kit but in the meantime I have begun to cut cogs and frame. I use a 30W laser to cut all parts and have successfully built 2 Clayton Boyer clock designs in this fashion. I'm anxious to get started on the Decimus as Dave's clocks seem to be more delicate and intricate than those I have built before. Especially with the use of bearings and other hardware.

    Any of you successfully built the Decimus? Any words of wisdom before I jump in headfirst?

    John Leslie
    Houston, TX
  • Hi John,

    bob here next store from Santa Fe, NM. You probably have finished already. I've just received Decimus and am doing a tint job on the pieces prior to assembly. You are probably miles ahead of my skill level if you have successfully done Clayton Boyer's Clocks. I've just wasted half a year on a disaster I purchased out of England. (The CAD was a mess.)
    With enough modifications I may get the Brit Clock to work. For example: The Brit's Pendulum would NOT work. As I waited for Decimus I decide to use Dave's fulcrum design on the Brit's Clock.
    WOW! It worked beautiful.

    That's as far as I got with Dave's work. My only suggestions for the Decimus are:

    1. Keep that magnet away from the TRANSISTOR on the Impulse Drive in the package.

    2. When drilling the dimples for the Fulcrum only do ONE dimple at a time. In other words: Drill the UPPER Rod first (using a "V" Block). Tap the holes and install the pins. Use the Upper Assembly to locate the Dimples (the Lower Rod indents) by first finding center as per Instructions; THEN Drill ONE Indent. Go back position the UPPER Rod Pin in the new Indent, THEN MARK THE POSITION FOR THE SECOND INDENT.

    I did my out of steel for the Brit's Clock so Brass should be a piece of cake.

    Let me know how your Decimus turned out.

    Nullus Anxietas,