A newbie question on cutting parts
  • Hello Everyone

    I bought the sextus clock plans and i am going to make all the parts from scratch, i just want to confirm when scroll sawing the teeth for example should the cut be on the lines or just outside the lines. Thankyou in advance

    Kind Regards
    Bradley Fechner
  • Hi Bradley,

    I'm new here too, but I noticed no one has answered you as yet. You may have figured this out for yourself by now. If you cut right on the lines, the part could end up being slightly small. The safest course is to always cut along the outside of the line, then sand or finish to the line.

    Also, and apologies in advance for being obvious, but sometimes it needs saying: be consistent with your cuts. Ne careful to do them all in the same manner.

    I've been modeling and building for years - hasn't failed me yet.


    John Hansen