Pinion Holder/Finger Saver
  • There are quite a few things that when you cut them off they will grow back, sometimes with increased vigour, chives, hair and grass to name but a few, but chop off a finger and the chances of it growing back are pretty slim, which is why it is always good to see something that will protect those delicate digits.
    Terry Diss has come up with a Pinion holder that helps hold the pinion when it is being cut by the scroll saw, OK a scroll saw is not exactly going to slice your hand off, but get a finger caught in the blade and you will do some major cursing, bleeding and hopping about.

    You can download a PDF plan here :- Pinion Holder/Finger Saver

    Pinion holder.pdf
    400 x 300 - 27K
    400 x 300 - 28K
    400 x 300 - 27K