New guy here, ordered a Septimus.
  • Hello All,

    Just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Brett and I am a watch and clock nut. When I came
    across Dave's page I just had to have a Septimus. This will be my first wood clock, I did go with the kit which seems to
    be very well designed and documented. My kit should be here late next week or the week after and I am so excited!

    I am running all sorts of ideas through my head for how I want to finish my Septimus and I really need to do a mock
    up in 3D and render it to see if the material choices I am kicking around will give the look I want.

    Can't wait to have her tick tocking on my wall! I will update this thread with photos as I go.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Making progress! Have all the glue-ups done. Next step is cutting and finishing all of
    the arbors, the Train wheel bridge stand-off's and the pendulum bobs.

    I still need to decide how I am going to finish the base and the bridge.
    2048 x 1356 - 200K
    2048 x 1356 - 141K
    2048 x 1356 - 237K
  • Ignore the fact that the ratchet wheel is backwards int he first photo. That was pre glue-up and was just checking the over all length of the stack.
  • Working on two projects at once, so why not put them in the same frame! :) Almost done with the Septimus as far as "fitting" is concerned. I have to install the drive pins
    into the Escape Wheel and that's it for the gear train, then I will hang it and let it break
    in and then take it back apart and decide what is getting finished with what.
    2048 x 1356 - 146K
    2048 x 1356 - 154K
  • Well, the Septimus is on the wall and running! Going to let it run for a few days while I
    cobble together my shopping list of stains and other materials for the weight shell. Once
    I get all the other stuff, I will route a 45 around the base, also thinking of doing the same
    on the bridge but also worried it might chip out.