Waiting for the Sextus...
  • Hi Dave and everyone else!

    I don't remember the first time I got amazed at a hostal near where we spent our holidays, by the lazy tick of a huge (I was a child then) grandfather clock full of great naval details such as clippers, mermaids and other beautiful decorations. I suppose that was there where I started to love clocks, but my passion for them had to wait several years, till the death of my father two years ago. Is then when I recovered a bunch of old watches of him, and I was determined to restore them (not by myself but by an expert).

    Since then, I have bought some watches (of course only automatic), two ancients pocket watches (a Hamilton and an Elgin from 1910's and keeping great accuracy, +/- 10 sec per day), and have built a Nixie clock.

    But anyway, great wooden wall clocks are so much appealing to me that couldn't resist to have a look for one. I have searched a lot over Internet to find a kit (I don't have tools nor the place to do the wood work, neither a lot of skill in that matter) thus why I was looking for a ready to built kit. I found some sites and wrote the owners but without response, not like Dave who is always kind and ready to answer any of your doubts. In Dave's site, Sextus, at least for me, stole my heart. So here I am, ready to receive the parcel next week!

    I'll try to update as soon as possible the construction status over here, also any doubts that I know will appear.

    Thanks for read this brick and hope and wish that this forum will be populated very soon.

    Best regards,