Snot stone
  • last year i watched a you tube vid where an Australian guy mentioned using a snot stone to clean a sanding disk. After being rebuked in most DIY stores asking for one i gave up. Last week i think i found out what one was. Get a cheap silicone sealer, cut out main body at top and allow to set. Applied to sanding disk the set silicone will take away all sawdust and leave a clean good as new surface. Some of you may know this trick but to those like who didn't me it will save re-gluing fresh sandpaper. Not tried yet but should work on orbital and belt sanders too.
  • Hi George
    I've used them for years. They are sold by Axminster who call them abrasive belt and disc cleaners. Sadly, they are not the elixir of life for sanding discs. I use it mainly on my big Makita belt sander for heavy duty joinery finishing. What they do is eke out some more life in a tired belt to postpone replacement. They don't restore that sharp cutting action you get when the belts are new. I also use it on my bench disc sander again to postpone a change out.