grub screws and ring stops
  • Can anyone (perhaps Dave Atkinson) direct me to a website here in the 'states' where I can buy more grub screws and ring stops that are specific to the Sextus. I keep losing the grub screws (I'm all thumbs!)
    Thanks, DaveMc
  • Go on eBay and do a search for DUB598. They will work.
  • I spent an hour looking for the ring stop screw in my garbage bin where I dropped it in.
    Found it, but still missing one. I'm pretty sure it was missing in a kit.
    I realize that German people are very accurate. But we are not. Why we have no chance to have a couple of spares? Moreover it's known that they become invisible when dropped.
    I spent 20CAD (15 USD) just to get one spare from
    (including shipping to Canada).
    Considering the cost of the kit I think we deserve spares.
  • The major problem with sourcing supplies for my clocks in the States is that you still use the imperial system, all my clock kits are obviously based on the metric system, so an imperial grub screw is not going to have much fun in a metric hole.


    I can certainly understand the frustration of losing a grub screw or 2 and this halting the building process, what I do not understand is why you did not come to me for replacements.

    I am not infallible and occasionally it can happen that a part is missing or defect, if I am informed of this I will send off the missing/defect part straight away at my own cost, no questions asked no quibbles, this is the service I would expect and therefore the service I provide .

    For small items such as replacements for lost grub screws I ask only for the shipping costs.

    If any spare parts are needed/wanted then for obvious reasons I can supply them, just ask.

    All small items will be sent as a letter, which is a lot quicker/cheaper than a parcel.

  • Dave,
    Thank you for your respond. I will ask next time I need something.
    Actually for those 20 loonies I bought some more stop rings and screws to modify the second arbor as people explained before. So I will be able to remove all wheels having the frame untouched.
    What I mean was, you should not be as precise as Lego was 20 yeras ago. Fortunately Lego gives some extra parts now. Please give us a chance for the little mistake. I would prefer to get some small spare parts instead of the pen and candies.
    Also it woud be good to have some more 4 mm rod. My pendula template had the rod too short. I did not have any more left. So I glued one of my pendulas badly because of that. There is no way to remake it now as it is glued up.
  • @Dmitry

    I am always grateful for feedback, whether critical or appraising, it is an excellent opportunity to improve my kits and plans, so as many customers as possible will have an enjoyable build as well as being able to have a working clock at the end of the process.

    But it is always a question of percentages, for instance you mentioned that you had problems with the grub screws and also that you could have done with some more 4mm rod, but as varied as the builders so the build. So that someone else will have made a mistake gluing the wrong piece to the right part, or sanding the anchor to such a level that it no longer works or stripping a thread because of over tightening. There are potentially an infinite number of things that can go wrong, so I can not cover every eventuality.

    Luckily being a small firm (just me !) means I am pretty dynamic and flexible, so that if a major problem should occur then I can correct it almost immediately, but it must be either blatantly wrong, or a matter of overwhelming feedback.

    For the smaller occasional things that can go wrong I stand by the sentence I include in all my order confirmation mails.

    "If you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch."
  • Hi Dave,

    I'm sorry if I said something hurting you. That definetely was not my intent.
    I was enjoying working on the clock and I'm happy to show it to my friends now.
    I learned a lot from your kit and getting ready to cast lead.
    Thank you for all that experience I've got!

    But I am an agressive developer at work and I just tried to help you up by informing you with something that costs you nothing but increases customer satisfaction in times. I think 99 % of your customers dropped a grub screw at least once.

  • Dmitry,
    When I received my Sextus kit one ring stop was missing its grub screw. I was able to find an exact replacement at a hobby store that sells remote control cars. Many parts that hold together high end remote control cars and boats use the same type of screws you are looking for. I believe it was a 3mm grub screw that I needed for the ring stop. You are correct it can be a challenge to locate these small metric screws here in the United States. Since almost all of these remote control cars and boats are manufactured outside the United States they are almost always held together with very small metric parts. I believe Dave does his absolute best at assembling his kits but these things just happen. It's just a fact, these grub screws are very small and can be a real challenge not to lose one in transit or during your build. Give a hobby store a try I'm sure you will have better luck locating your missing grub screw there.
  • "McMaster catalog" WWW has every thing you need, metric brass rod, Ring stops, grub screws,etc
    quick turn round with order
  • If you are in the states you can go to the hardware and get a 6-32 tap and retap them with out redrilling the hole.Then just buy a 6-32 set screen and your good to go.
  • Made all of my stop rings out wood. The grub screws were then threaded in pilot hole on the side of rings.
  • Being brand new on here and having just placed an order. I've been looking through these comments. And it strikes me that some people are a little too quick to complain. I know time is very important to us all but to berate someone for not giving things away or not being close enough to obtain supplies swiftly. Is very close minded. And perhaps they should consider solving the issue and becoming an outlet within there location for spares thus putting thier money on the line. And helping other instead of moaning. We all have issues of supplies even if we lived next door to David. After all you wouldn't buy a car and complain that there wasn't a spare can of petrol in the boot. (Can of gas in the trunk for those over the pond).
  • "An Imperial grub screw is not going to have much fun in a metric hole."