Do you find left pallet a bit lazy?
  • My clock stops because left pallet escapes the wheel too slowly.
    Do you have the same issue?
    I see that on some pictures the radius of the counterweight in the bottom of the pallet is bigger.
    My one is smaller and probably too lightweight.
    I put some epoxy putty on the back of it. That solved the problem, but I think it shoud be fixed in the cogs.
  • I presume you are talking about the Sextus. I also needed to add some counterweight to the left pallet...will not run without it. It is interesting to note that the pallet that came with my clock has a hole at the bottom to add a weight, but the instructions show it without a halo. David Atkins must have realized this problem and added the hole but neglected to mention it in the instructions
  • There is a definite need to add a small weight to the left pallet counterbalance. The weight just needs to be sufficient for the pallet to clear the escape wheel tooth. I used blue tack and adjusted the weight to give the desired action. The putty is hidden at the rear of the pallet.
  • Paul,
    I did so too. I used some epoxy putty. But then I figured that I can't assemble the pallet back just by moving the pallet back in. Both ends of the pallet are thick now and it does not fit in. Now I need to unscrew the stop ring and move left pendulum towards me. I also need to take the weight away to prevent the escaping wheel from dangerously fast spinning. I'm thinking about making another pallet with bigger counterweight. It will be flat and it will be easier to adjust.
  • The blue tack is added with the clock assembled. I don't recognise any of the problems you describe. You should always detach the drive weight when working on the clock.
  • The left hand pallet is for want of a better word "lazy", the first pallet I made was too aggressive, with that I mean it disengaged instantly and fell against the stop, so this is why I gradually reduced the counterweight to produce a gentle fall back, but it seems it can be too hair triggered.

    It is no problem for me to increase the counter weight circumference, could you quantify the amount of extra weight you added?
  • I added a small ball of epoxy putty and made it flat. The ball was in size of approximately 4mm.
  • I have a Sextus that had the same problem, i polished the pallet shaft. eventually after getting rid of every scrap of friction in the system it works perfectly without a counterweight.