Hanging Sextus on the wall.
  • I figured that Sextus design does not take into account Canadian (and US) housing where the walls are made of wooden frame and drywall. The distance between studs is foot long or more. So even if I put bottom screw in a stud, two top ones will miss it and will end up in drywall. Considering the weight, it is not the best way to keep the clock on the wall.
    Butterfly anchor screws are not helpful too as they need large holes that won't be covered by Sextus little lugs.
    Did anybody solve this somehow?
  • My Sextus is mounted on a plasterboard (drywall) partition. As far as I can remember, none of the fixings corresponds to a stud. I generally use screw-in drywall fixings, and they work fine. More than adequate to support a clock. And the fixing is well hidden by the wood frame of the clock. See this video.

  • @Dmitry
    Actually you could not be further from the truth.
    As a carpenter I made my house myself, and of course I went for wood framing, and therefore all my walls are plaster boarded.
    All the wall clocks I offer have been hanging on plaster board, I use a metal screw in plug (see photo) I do not even bother looking for a stud, but hang the clock just where I want it.
    They screw in without having to drill a hole and I would say pretty much every hardware store will have them.
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  • Nice solution Dave. I will use that to fix my guitars on the wall. I badly damaged one of them lately and I don't want that to happen to my clock that I worked on for 2 months.
    It's still in my basement which is not finished . So the only way I could hang the clock was the stud. So I added one wooden part to the bottom of the frame and solved the problem. Now I can hang it just on one screw which I put in the stud before I hand the clock and then put the bottom screw. This part is invisible from the front side of the clock.
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  • And this is what I did. (Just in case anybody is interested)
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  • Hi. Not only do we have thin walls but chair rails also. My solution was to make 3/4 or 1inch thick back plate. Matched to the clock it is attractive, spaces the pendulum away from the chair rail and also gives me a choice of fixing centers to match the stud centers.