Sextus files
  • Hi all
    I have just caught up with the comments about various problems that some of you have mentioned in the building of your clocks and would have you know that I have built router To do just that. I am very impressed by the sextus for its overall aesthetic appeal.
    However I am having a problem with loading the files to my cnc " it's running MACH 3" and so far I've only just been able to get a section of the framework to go across to the router and run it.
    As a rider to the above I remember a comment someone wrote about Cut 2d,I have it and would recommend it to anyone,it really is easy to use.
    It is more than likely that I could do with some help with the files As I am not that conversant with the use PCs.
    In anticipation for some of your comments to a 76 year old dog trying to learn new tricks thanks