Once a Nonus
  • Hi Everybody,
    I am french, sorry for my bad english.
    I would like to build a wooden clock for my living room and I have seen this clock on youtube.
    I was stunned by the mechanism and I said to myself: This is the clock that I need.
    I am waiting for my nonus kit. I hope to receive it in a few days.
    I am so excited to build it!
  • I have received my nonus last wednesday, and i begin to build it last week-end. I think it will be difficult without column drill. I have only my kitchen table. But i am optimist and i think i can do it...I will post a picture at any step.
  • Hi NonusBuilders,
    I have completed my Nonus yesterday evening. It was not so difficult without column drill, I have only small cordless drill, well kitchen table is a good work-bench. What should I recommend is patience, order on the table, good wine and listening to good music or spoken word.
    I wish You luck!
    Rene from Prague
    1936 x 2592 - 1M
  • If there was one way to describe how to build one of my kits, then I would say Rene has pretty much said it all.
  • This thread is getting old, but will always be relevant.
    I too found myself without a "column drill" so I purchased this gizmo for under $20.
    Worked fine for all the arbor reductions & polishing. Crude but effective with said good dry wine and a most calm spirit.

    So how is your build coming Stephane?
    ReneI - Very nice!
    1100 x 1100 - 95K
    Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 11.07.22 AM.png
    575 x 375 - 327K
    Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 11.13.50 AM.png
    342 x 527 - 280K