Finishing the nonus 8 days
  • I have finished my 8 days nonus a month ago. It was absolutely disappointing to see it was not working properly, having I worked with deepest attention throughout the process of building the mechanics.
    I have developed some modifications that probably work on this and these are my tips (consider that this is the first wooden clock that I build):
    1) patience: I had to think and think twice before starting an intervention on the finished clock
    2) determination: eventually it will have to work!
    3) observation: in the end, i came out with what seems to be my solution for my problem. In facts, one of the rods had loosened on the frame thus dispersing some of the impulse: that caused the pendulum to stop after 4 or 5 minutes. Plus, the roller blocked the pendulum, I think because it was too lightweight to impulse the shaft. Attached you can see my modifications.

    I sincerely hope this will be of help: as I am writing it is ticking there in the living room and it is so lovely to hear! :-)
  • Hi Marco,

    You sound very detail-oriented, and I am glad to hear you successfully resolved the issues with your clock. I did not see any attachment in your post. Perhaps I will see a photo of your clock in a gallery somewhere?


    John Hansen
  • My Nonus has stopped again and I can't persuade it to run for more than about 20 minutes. It looks like friction in the drop weight arbor so I'll be spending the weekend sanding cog teeth!
  • Sanded all the cogs and then managed to drop the drive weight on one of the cogs so had to do some repair work.

    Fixed and reassembled and it's now been running for over 48 hours!
  • I cannot get my nonus to run for more than a few minutes. I have cut and re-glued the release trigger. I remade the push mechanism. I added washers to the ratchet mechanisms. I have sanded and polished repeatedly. I saw on youtube, someone got their nonus to work through some modifications to the ratchet (adding a screw for increased weight) and changing the push mechanism geometry. I would like to see any modifications anyone did to get their clock running.