Sorry if it's been asked before
  • Hello everyone, just bought the plans and book off of Dave and had a quick look through all of the paperwork. I'm really looking forward to building a Sextus! Might just be a while before I can get started as I've got several other jobs to complete first :( I've built one of Brian Laws clocks from scratch and solid timbers in the past and plan to do the same with the Sextus. I do have a couple of questions after an initial foray into the instructions and I apologize if these have been asked before, the instructions don't mention how much the bob weight/washers add to the bob (probably left out because if you bought the whole kit you wouldn't need to know, you'd just glue them in I guess?). Reading through posts on the forum here I see you mention a figure of 35g Dave, is that per bob or a total of 35g between the two?
    Secondly, not really a problem, just a thought that ran through my mind. If the winding barrel was made a bigger diameter could you get away with using less driving weight and therefore less frame sag and the possibility of binding on the arbours?
    As I say, really looking forward to getting stuck into this clock, I think it's a wonderful design and the hat tip to H1 is even more of a bonus to me, as Harrison and his clocks have always fascinated me.