Septimus general comments

  • I have finally completed the assembly of my Septimus 7 kit and have a few general comments. This is my second wooden clock assembly kit but my first from Woodentimes. I have found that – first and foremost – clock kit building requires patience and dedication.

    Unlike those who successfully built and completed their clocks on the first try, I encountered a number of errors and setbacks – all of my own making – before getting my Septimus to work. I can encourage others who are encountering difficulties by pointing out that 1) the Woodentimes material and instructions, both hard copy and online, are excellent; 2) the instructions need to be followed slowly and carefully; and 3) despite my errors, I was able to make adjustments and complete the clock.

    As strongly pointed out by Woodentimes, friction is the most common problem. I disassembled and reassembled my clock numerous times searching for the friction that was preventing “the elusive tick.” As an aside, it is nice to know that the clock materials can withstand all this disassembly and reassembly. I thought that I had removed most of the friction between gears but, after numerous sandings and polishings, I was surprised at how much smoother the gears moved.
    Friction also applies to the pendulum arbor. Despite smoothly moving gears, the pendulum would not engage. I finally realized that the pendulum arbor was too tight when the frame was tightened and thus did not move easily. Once corrected, I was able to get ticking!

    I have attached a picture of my clock which is pretty standard. I stained the minute and hour hands in dark walnut and used an Icewine wine container filled with lead nuts, steel BB shells and nails for the pendulum weight.

    One last suggestion for Woodentimes: I am sure that there are others like me whose errors require replacement hardware parts. I my case, I needed additional brass rods and 3mm ring stops. I would suggest a page for ordering individual hardware parts.

    Septimus Clock2.JPG
    1905 x 3130 - 718K
  • Nicely done Michael!