Frame assembly
  • I stop the assembly of the clock for a while and now I'm starting again...oh!! I remember, I stopped and I'm stopping again before something gets broken. I'm trying to put the frame/fulcrum together however the 6mm tubing/rod seem too big for the pre-drill plywood holes, is anybody else experiencing something similar or it's just me?
    I had already assembled couple of clocks before and I know what press fitting means, this time the rod/tubing is not going in for more than 1/2 mm.
    Ideas anyone.
    Thank you
  • On page 13 of the instructions I mention the fact that the pillars are by definition a tight fit, because of tolerances in tubing it can be that the fitting is very tight.
    Have you tried "turning" them in with a drill as mentioned in the instructions ?
    This will both polish/widen the rebate as well as polishing the pillar.

  • I did read about the drill bit, just wanna make sure I wasn't me the problem.