Printed Septimus
  • Hi all,

    Finally, two years after purchasing the plans I finally have a 3D printed Septimus. View it at Hopefully this will spur future sales as it is fully attributed to the plans from Dave at
  • Sorry to double post but I modified the frame so much I forgot I previously posted. Check out the thingiverse link to see the clock in action.

  • I have taken a look at your thingiverse files, very interesting, and thanks for making them available. But it is, at the end of the day, an adaption of a clock that was designed for wood. Plastics offer a whole set of different possibilities.

    So to cut a long story short I have now bought a 3D printer (Prusa I3) and I am at the moment experimenting with the above mentioned possibilities, and designing a clock from scratch that will utilise the abilities of a 3D printer.

    The only thing is then what do I call my business ?

  • Hi Jeff/Dave,

    I was planning on revisiting the 3D Printed Septimus - i made one a while back (

    Jeff - i see you posted your front frame on Thingiverse, would it be possible to post the back section and the spacers at all?